Sourcing Gearbox Seals (Newbie)

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Hi Guys,

I've not replaced gearbox seals on my Astra '96 before.

I've asked Goldwagen if they sell seal kits for an Opel Astra '96 gearbox, but they don't.

So since I can't buy a kit, how do you source seals for a gearbox? I need some advice on where to start looking for them. Do you have to pull all of them and then go shopping for a copy of each from some seal selling place, or do you normally get kits from some specialised business in Johannesburg?

My gearbox is pissing out all of its oil, and I can't think that the solution is to replace the whole thing (not that I know even where you would get a complete gearbox for sale).

Any advice appreciated!


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