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Hey Opel fans.

As the subject suggests.

Here I will document my journey with regards to my Astra H 2.0T Gsi.

January 2017: SMD Auction PE....
 I see this Astra H 2.0T Gsi looking way to good to be on an SMD auction..
After some equerying, it seems like the previous owner could not afford repairs done to the vehicle and thus it is being auctioned off at SMD.
The friendly SMD guy over the phone however does mention the turbo does not sound to great.
Car starts drives etc.
Shortly after without biewing the car in PE, seeing that im in Alberton..... i bought the car...
R45k later car arrives at my home.

Paint work looks worse than the pictures, rims are cracked, and some lovely body filler buddles apear above the wind screen.
Never the less, it was a gamble.

Without even starting, i removed the turbo and had it reconditioned. To my supprise Company informed me that the turbo i had given them was not from a Z20LER which i had but a Z20LEH.

Very excited, reinstall the now new turbo. Service the vehicle including water pump and timing belt.

First start!
Car starts right up. 
Smokes crazy! (I took it as oil in the exhaust from previous turbo.)
Diagnostic shows now faults.

Drive it one daily after work foe testing purposes closely monitoring boost and temperatures.
All seems well.

Week 2:
Car develops a rough idle. I put it off to a possible aftermarket cam(as car goes like the clapper!)
Day after on a thrash driving spree, car starts backfiring, followed by not a sexy rough idle but a.... (you guessed it) a misfire.

Immediately I suspect the coil pack. 
Check spark. all great.
My old man suggests compression test....(after i assured him this is not the Cortina he played around with when he was young!)

Eventually... I give into Dad's experience.
0..... not 100kPa.... 0kPa on cylinder 1 followed by 680kPa on all other cylinders.

Weeks go by. 
We stripp the motor, 
This time around we have the head redone as the valves look questionable.
Head returns looking amazing, but report stating nothing this severe ever was wrong with it.

Remove block, cylinder 1 piston missing a 70mm wide piece of aluminium between the rings.

We think the previous guys saw the bad news, installed new rings and re-installed for the next goop to enjoy (being me).

The real mission begins......

Nobody tells you how difficult is is to try and get normal Z20LER pistons....

I decide to use the car as a street toy..... after many considerations and math!

Worth metioning!
While stripping I discovered the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate to be complete rubish, but wait thats not all the concentric slave cylinder broke into 1.576 million pieces when taking apart.

The build begins:

Shopping list:
  Wossner Forged Pistons 0.5mm oversized from KS Motorsports (Give him a try! great service and products)
  PEC Steel I Beam Conrods (KS Motorsports)
  ARP Head Studs (KS Motorsports)
  Athena Steel head gasket ( KS Motorsports)
  ACL Race Main Bearings (B&R Motor Engineering)
  ACL Big end Bearings (B&R Motor Engineering)

  Forge K04 BOV (still on its way from USA)
  Imperial Silicone Radiator Hose kit in Black (Imperial eBay UK)
  Imperial Silicone Vacuume Hose kit in Black (Imperial eBay UK)

  OEM OPC Spark plug coil cover ( Yes I know its not a Z20LEH, but it just looks so good!)

  Mr.Turbo INtercooler (spray painted black)
  54mm mild steel powder coated boost pipes.

  4 Button clutch + Pressure plate (Formula Friction Edenvale)
  Rigdid flywheel + ballancing (Formula Friction Edenvale)

Original budget:

Current Status:

Brett Geary from B&R Motor Engineering personally assembling motor.
B&R Motor Engineering on old Boksburg road, Brett really knows his thing!

Motor should be done this comming week!

  Descember bonus + some more will be spent on:
  Garett GT3071R
  Custom Exhaust manifold engineered and build in house! (o yes! Company I work for does Laser cutting and CNC work!Shout if you need)
  Custom developed WaterMeth System (Woop woop ..... When you work in the automotive industry in research and development)
  Propper LSD to help the M32


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