I think my turbo is dying

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I have decided to put the Corsa back on the road. Now its all going as planned but I seem to have run into an issue. I have had the turbo rebuilt before I did some work on the motor, I cant exactly remember when it started but its definitely getting worse as you will see in the video.

The water meth system is not connected at the moment so my max boost is 0.7, had an idea it could be vapor from the meth injection but it turns out I was wrong.

The turbo is a hybrid as I was told its using a k16 let manifold, exhaust side is a k26 turbine and the compressor side uses a k27 housing and a holset compressor wheel.

I have checked the one way valve and the big breather runs from the rocker cover to a oil catch tank and from there back to the intake before the turbo. The cover is still stock with no mods.

I have decided to do a complete check of the breather system and the oil return, but I suspect the seals on the turbo might be failing. There is no smoke on idle or when driving like a normal sane person (I never tend to be sane when I'm in the corsa anyway   Biggrin  )

Anyway here is the link to the video


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